Friday, 28 December 2012

Local (Indonesian) Products Haul

Hi Dear Readers,
This time I want to talk about my recent haul. This time I bought local products. Oh yes, I was tempted by the discount prices. To be honest, most of the products here are items that I never tried before. I bought all these items for under IDR 100k.

1. Fair and Lovely Moisturizer, see my review HERE 
this is the only one on my pic that is not local brand.
2. Sariayu Compact Powder
3. Sariayu Alas Bedak Kuning Pengantin
4. Sariayu Pensil Alis Brown
5. Sariayu Moistpome Lipstick
6. Sariayu Eye Shadow

7. Viva Fin Touch (Blush On), the cheapest blush on ever, only Rp. 5000 in the Authentic Viva Counter.

I think that's all. Ok, I know I know I still have may reviews to catch up.
Well, see u on my next post.
Happy Weekend Everybody^^


Dee said...

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Penulis Amatir said...

ha ha... koleksiku masih sedikit koq, masi kalah ama beauty blogger lain.
Thank u for visiting here and following me^^
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