Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ingredients To Avoid By Sensitive Skin

Hello, dear readers

Uwahhh... Finally I’m back 
I did not intend to neglect this blog. Well, this blog has been part of my life where I pour all my experience about beauty related things.
I have not updated this blog for… what months… Ok, It’s good to be back on track anyway.
There lot things going on and I have not been able to make any single post until now. Now let me start with a topic that I wanted to write for so long.  If u followed my blog from the beginning, u must know that I’ve been battling in treating my sensitive skin. I’ve tried many products and learned that some ingredients should not be present in my skincare. Now I’d like to share about ingredients that I usually avoid.

1. Drying Alcohol

Example : Alcohol, Ethanol, Alcohol Denat, etc.
Alcohol is a solvent, it is commonly founded on toners, cleanser, skincare cream, serum, mask, etc. I noticed that many products for oily and acne prone skin often have high percentage of this ingredients. Well, let me tell u. High amount of drying alcohol is bad for ur skin. Bad for any type of skin. In the past, I have used several products with alcohol inside them too, but It was only for temporary treatment only when I was suffering from acne disaster. After I recovered, I changed my skincare.
Long time use of drying alcohol could strip ur skin natural moisture barrier. Ur skin could be drying outside but still oily inside.

2. Mineral Oil and its derivatives (in face products)

Other form/ name : petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum, paraffin, Isoparaffin, etc.
Mineral Oil is widely used as moisturizer. And often presences in creams, powder, make up, cleansers, moisturizers, serum, lips products. Cosmetic manufactures seem likely to use it because, yes, it’s cheap, no doubt about it. 
I always avoid mineral oil in my skincare and make up because it tends to clog my pores.
Mineral oil could lead to clogged pores, acne, and triggers ur sensitive skin. In long term usage, It could cause dermatitis for those who has sensitivity to it.

3. Perfume/ fragrance 

I had started to avoid perfume in face and lips products as possible.
Perfume in skincare, lipcare, makeup… well I prefer non perfumed. Perfume consists of long list of ingredients and phthalates  often included in it. If I have to use perfumed product, I usually chose ones that have little percentage or labeled phthalates free.

4. Triethanolamine (In face products)
This ingredient is high potential irritant. Many products containing this ingredient did not react well to my skin.

Well… I guest enough for now, maybe I’ll continue to add more to the list in future post(s).
Do u have sensitive skin? What ingredients u usually avoid?

See u on my next post, n stay pretty :)


Julie McQueen said...

Great blog♥

How about follow each other?
I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
My Blog: http://juliemcqueen.blogspot.com

Nissa Meutia said...

halo saya mahasiswi semester terakhir yang mau bikin survey tentang produk kosmetik lokal di indonesia. tolong isi survey saya dong


wiwik putri said...

Haii kak.. setelah baca blog nya kayanya jenis kulit kita sama.. sensitive.. dan kadang berjerawat kalo gak cocok.. btw, terus sekarang kakak pakai apa ?? Yang kira2 cocok untuk kulit sensitive dan kadang jerawat kecil2 (bruntusan).. dari pembersih, pelembab, sunscreen, bedak untuk pagi dan perawatan malam??
Soalnya kayanya kakak lebih berpengalaman deh.. hehe.. di balas yah thanks :)

Deasy W said...

Hai Wiwik
sekarang ini saya tetep setia sama facial wash wardah cleansing gel,
kalau pelembap saya si lagi suka sama TBS aloe gel,
trus kalau pembersih make up saya suka punya Bioderma Sensibio H2O,
kalau sunscreen saya hanya pakai wardah DD cream yang sudah ber spf 30, gantian sama sunblok yg saya beli dari jasper skincare clinic, kadang pakai emina bb cream
untuk bedak, saya pakai Emina CC Cake bergantian sama maybelline BB Silk cake powder
pelembap malam saya pakai wardah C serum gantian sama TBS aloe gel
kalau masker sama scrub, saya pakai punya oriflame seri pure skin yg bungkusny biru itu

yang perlu diingat, yg cocok di saya belum tentu cocok di orang lain ya, mudah2an saran saya bisa membantu
terima kasih sudah mampir dan maaf telat balasnya

Deasy W said...

Hi Julie
I followed ur blog, thank u for dropping by
sorry for the late reply

Hai Nissa
terima kasih sudah mampir, maaf saya baru buka blog setelah sekian lama