Monday, 22 April 2013

List of Cute Girly/ Princessy Cosmetic Brands

Hello, girls

Let's take a break a little from posting products review. Today I'm gonna talk about my interest in Cosmetic Brands that have cute princessy design in their packaging.
Maybe u already know, I have this weakness when it comes to cute packaging. Buying some product just because their cute packaging is not a strange thing for someone like me. Then I thought, maybe I should just make a list about what I know :)

I browsed alot before making this list about Cute Girly/ Princessy Cosmetic Brand. Ok, this is my version of list about Cute Princessy Cosmetic Brands, just based on my personal opinion. Read it just for fun okay, I did not have any other serious motives about any brand except to buy/ add them into my collection someday, ha ha :)

My version of list about Cute Princessy Cosmetic Brands
Here We go :)

1. LaDuree / Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée
The website :
Until I write this post, this brand has not yet opened their store in Indonesia. And I heard their price is expensive too. Well, Their packaging is so exclusive that's why I put this brand on the first on my list.

All these pics are from Laduree Site

Face Color Rose
Cream cheek base

Cheek Color

The Lip Color

Hand Mirror

Oh, really, I want to grab some if only they're available in Indonesia.

2. The History of Whoo
Website :
Well, I'm not kidding in mentioning this brand, u know. They have such luxurious packaging. With gold color and jewellry- like packaging, this brand surely represents the taste of Royal Kingdom and Princess.
All these pics are from The History of Whoo Site and Google search

Lipstick in golden capsule. Remind me to a gold liontin :)

Radiance Powder



Ja Yang Skin Softener

 Whoo Hwanyugo Cream
 Whoo Pact (top view)
  Whoo Pact
  Whoo Pact (opened view)
 Whoo pact
(courtesy as marked in the picture)
Gold Pot Container, really remind me to Korean Empreror Movie^^
 Whoo Hwa Hyun Cream

The History of Whoo is premium brand, of course the price is 'premium' too. I'll buy the full size when I get rich^^
But don't worry, if u can't afford it yet (like I do), u can buy the sample version via online. Here in Indonesia, there are several online shop sell it in reasonable price. Just google it :)

3. Jill Stuart
Official Site :

Jill Stuart 2013 New Base Make Up Items

A lovely blogger Princess Pineapple kindly told me that I should check on this brand. Thank u for ur suggestion, dear, now I include it in my list. They're so pretty^^ *drooling
 Jill Stuart Blush Blossom
 Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm

 Jill Stuart Relax Body

 Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact

 Night Jewel Eau de Toilette
 Pore Solid Essence

 Pure Brightening Day Care Powder Jill Stuart
Sugar Body Scrub, The color and pattern so cuutee >.<

4. Anna Sui
Most Anna Sui products use good quality of plastic in their packaging. Some of their white packaging have soft metalic finish (plastic material), for example is their Protective Loose Powder.
Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder
The Carton Box of Anna Sui Foundation. Even the box is beautiful :)

Anna Sui Whitening Lotion
Anna Sui Whitening Cream

Anna Sui theme can be described as : girly, dark, romatic, gothic, and princessy.
Here I post about Anna Sui products that have white packaging.
Most of the packaging of this brand has rose shape as the decoration and colored in black and purple. Recently I just got their Protective Loose Powder which has white case, it's very adorable, I'll post about it later.

5. Etude House, from Korea

The Famous Princess Etoinette Line

 Pic taken from Etude Korea Site.

6. Lioele, from Korea
U must know about this brand. The one with Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage logo.

The Powder. Look at the ornament of the case.
This will look stunning in ur make up purse.
 Lioele Princess Mirror (Pic taken from Lioele Site)
Look at this cute mirror, I think I want to grab some :)

Ok, I guess it's enough, I just spam u with alot of commercial pictures.
Cute cosmetic design always attracks me. Because they will beautify ur room too. Do u know any other brand that I haven't included in my list? Please tell me :)
And what's on ur list? I'd like to know :)

See u in my next post and stay pretty!


Princess Pineapple said...

You should check out Jill Stuart! :-)

Hatta Shani said...

Penasaran xm lipstick the history of whoo nya lol

Penulis Amatir said...

@Princess Pineapple: ok I'll go check it, thank u for ur recommendation :)

@Hatta Shani: Ha ha iya, cakep emang, harganya juga cakep :) musti nabung dulu aq >.<

Princess Pineapple said...

Awww thanks for including it in your blog and even mentioning me. Hehe. :-)

Penulis Amatir said...

@ Princess Pineapple: Thank u too for telling me nice recommendation :)

Janet said...

oh my, you just give me idea to haunt these lovelies out!! I guess my wallet will be crying soon, lolz =) Thanks so much for sharing ^_~

Penulis Amatir said...

Aha ha ha... Yes, they're so lovely. Just by having them can make us feel like a princess ^^ wish I can have enough budget to collect them all :)