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Facial Wash Review : Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser

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In this post I'm gonna review one product from AC Clinic Admission Kit. Read my previous post about the kit HERE. I've said before that I would make separated reviews starting with the first step of daily basic routine, the facial wash.
I know I should post this some time ago but I just happened to finish it.

Product Description:
: Foam cleanser with Salicylic Acid that treats troubled skin.
: Soft and fine bubble that cleanses impurities and sebum.
: Soft finish after washing.
: Non-comedogenic tested.
 Pic is the courtesy of Etude House

First when I opened the cap, I noticed the seal. It has alumunium seal attached on the tube hole. Yes, it's brand new sealed product.
Quite hygienic to ensure customer about their well preserved product inside the tube.

This facial wash has refreshing scent, mix of somewhat medicinal, herbal, and mint smell. The smell is considered bit strong and disturbing for some people, but I'm fine by it. The texture is creamy with white color. It does lather well, not overly but enough to wash my face and neck just by dispensing 2 pea size amount.

Formulated with Salicylic Acid, this product targets acne prone skin. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was suffering from acne prone mode. I hope this facial foam could help me controlling sebum as well as helping my pimples to dry.

My skin is oily combination. Around several weeks ago when I purchased the AC Clinic kit, I was having little and medium pimples which 'up and down' on my face. And also my skin was in sensitive mode, there are redness all over my face which often appear.

I had this facial wash, say about 2 weeks. I used it along with other products in the kit. Sadly, this facial wash dried my skin. I usually used it only once a day. Sometimes I ceased the use and the next day I used it again. I kept this tube on my toilettries for 2 weeks. It did not help to soothe my troubled sensitive skin or minimize my pimples back then. I couldn't stand the drying effect.
I was gonna throw it out before my mom said that she wanted to try it. My mom has dry skin, sometimes she got 1 or two little pimples but I'm not sure about the cause. Maybe because she did not rinse her face well after wearing make up.
She did not like it either. She said this product smell weird and not gentle enough for her skin.

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Scanned Carton Label

Then this facial wash ended up being mixed with liquid body soap which used by my mom. He he...

Actually I hate to post about product I don't like, wish I could just skip it. But I know it would not be fair for u, readers, so I made it anyway. Sorry if it's just short words.

Tell me what u think about this product. Ur comment is my pleasure.

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