Monday, 25 September 2017

Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick Review

Hi, Dear Readers

Long time no update, sorry I just have the chance to write again. Well, I've been gone through many things since last year, enough to keep me away from blogging. But I decided to back. I think writing has been my passion since long time ago because I find it's fun.

I was in the mood for color lip balm. U know sometimes I want to take a break from applying lipstick and go for light color just to enhance my own lip color.

Cathy Doll counter in Royal Plaza was having discount about several months ago when I purchased this Lip balm. 

Product Name : 
Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick

Color : Red

Price : around Rp.90.000, I bought it on discount.

This is the bullet. You can twist it back after usage.

Click the pic to read closely on ingredients list

Below is how it looks after applied on model's lips

However this is actually a lip balm with bit of red color as addition so don't expect that it will cover any pigmentation on ur lips. This product will only gives u nice fresh hint of red color, leaving ur lips looking moisturized and somewhat helps in blurring any cracked surface or dryness on ur lips.

What do I think?
Pros :
- makes my lips look better, fresh and moisturized
- helps to fix dry appearances on my lips
- buttery texture, easy to glide on lips
- cute packaging, like a crayon

Cons :
- bit oily feel
- easily gone after meal
- the real price bit pricey

Will I repurchase ? maybe if they hold another sale

So this is my short review. tell me how do u think. 
I'm sorry I have not replied many questions that came.But  I plan to blog again soon and reply ur question one by one.

My friends and my mom told me that red color never fail on me. Wish I can be as bold and brave as red, ha ha :D

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