Monday, 25 March 2013

AC Clinic (Trial) Admission Kit (Limited Edition)

Hi, there
This time I want to write my first impression about :

 Pic is courtesy of Etude House. I took it randomly from google.

AC Clinic Trial Kit/ Admission Kit (Limited Edition)
Consists of :
1. AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser 30 ml

Pic is courtesy of Etude House. I took it randomly from google.

2. AC Clinic Daily Toner 25 ml

3. AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion 25 ml 

 Pic is courtesy of Etude House. I took it randomly from google.

4. AC Clinic Daily Intense Pink Powder Spot 5 ml

  Pic is courtesy of Etude House. I took it randomly from google.

5. AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF 30, 8 gr.

Pic is courtesy of Etude House. I took it randomly from google.

 The Price of this kit is IDR 155.000, I bought it at Online Shop Bell’s Etude.

I’ve been eyeing this line for quit a long time. And I was so happy that I managed to get my hand onto this set, so I did not have to buy the full size to try it all.

 This is the pattern of the pouch. How thoughtful :)

This is the pouch. The size is small, just enough to keep all products in this kit.

The pouch has pretty nice design and made by good quality material too. The outer material is combination between fabric and plastic so water can’t easily through it. The material is thick so it won’t easily torn.

Formulated with Salicylic Acid, and other soothing substances, AC Clinic line delivers trouble care at every stage.

This is the Carton Wrap with girl pic on it, showing that this kit is targetting troubled skin.

First thing I noticed when I opened the plastic wrap of this package was the smell. It was like medicinal smell. Actually, that makes no surprise since this line targets people with oily and acne troubled skin. Yes, this line is ‘medicine’ to cure pimples.

 Unboxing the kit.

Since tiny and little pimples started to invade my charming face again on the end of February, so I decided to purchase it. I received this package on early March.
I’ve been using it until now. And I kinda have impression that this line is suited best for oily skin.
I my self have oily- combination skin. Very oily on the T-zone area and often gets dry on cheeks area.

Except the BB Cream and Foam Cleanser, the other products in this kit are containing high percentage of alcohol. Yes, I warn u who have dry, sensitive and normal skin, or who allergic to alcohol, this is not for u. The alcohol smell often makes me dizzy while applying the products.

Click To Enlarge.
I scanned the ingredients list so u know what's inside each product.

The facial foam, BB Cream, lotion, and toner can be enough for about 5 weeks usage imo. But I think the pink powder spot can last longer that the others.

 This is the facial foam, I guess this is the one who will run out first.

Order of usage :
Morning : Facial foam -- > Toner -- > Gel Lotion -- > BB Cream
Night : Facial foam -- > Toner -- > Gel Lotion -- > Pink Powder Spot

I’ll be doing separate reviews for each of the product in the future. 
Then I think that's all for now, see u in my upcoming posts.

So what do you think about this line?

Quote of this day :
Giving or doing for charity is something that must come from the heart not by force.


dini setiyorini said...

Eh ampuh gak buat jerawatnya. Temen ada yang pengen coba soalnya

Alexandra said...

I don't really like the smell of AC-Clinic products from Etude house x_x they're weird and bitter.

Penulis Amatir said...

@Jeng Dini: obat jerawatnya yg pink powder spot itu lumayan buat ngeringin jerawat2 sedang. Kalau jerawat2 kecil di mukaku semalam dikasi pink powder itu, paginya uda kering.
Facial washnya si ok juga. Toner ama lotionnya alkoholnya kenceng. Kalau temen Jeng Dini kulitnya kering, mending pakai pink powdernya aja buat ditotol ke jerewi pas mau tidur.
Kalau BB Creamnya shadenya putihh banget.

@alexandra : yes. u're right, I don't like the smell too. The alcohol smell kinda makes me dizzy.
thank u for dropping by, I'll visit ur blog too :)

Wendy Ayche said...

Love it :)!!
Much love,

dini setiyorini said...

Thanks penjelasannya^^
Btw aku nominasikan di award ini yaa. Selamat dan semoga berkenan^^

Penulis Amatir said...

Halo Jeng Dini
Thank u udah ngasi versatile award.
Nti pasti aq post meski butuh waktu :)